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What does BEAGLOBE provide ?

BEAGLOBE is a convenient free software when in need of handling graphic in spherical shape.

Normally, there is high possibility of distortion on each ends of graphics when pasting a flat image into spherical shape.

(a) Graphic before pasting

(b) When directly use (a) image as texture

In order to design a 3D spherical shape using flat picture/chart/graphic source, one must make a expansion plan or texture.
There is a need for editing source in two-dimensional window while checking the final 3D spherical shape image.

It is extremely difficult to work on two-dimensional campus while imagining 3D at the same time.

(c) Spherical image made of graphic edited by BEAGLOBE

(d) Texture used in making (c)

Using BEAGLOBE makes it possible to work on 3D free design campus from the start, making the spherical image as requested
without going back and forth the 2D and 3D.

BEAGLOBE is suitable for making/editing 360 degrees panoramic picture (positive tube shaped graphic) or sphere mapped
texture (Equirectangular-projection graphics) while viewing how it will show on spherical surface.

What function does BEAGLOBE have ?

1. You can paste any image easily on 3D sphere shape.

2. You can add letters/diagram without having it distorted.

(* Usual image editing software didn't succeed in showing letters around the equator area, but it is possible with BEAGLOBE)

(e) Letters on flat image

(f) Pasting (e) image on a sphere

(g) Letters pasted using BEAGLOBE on a sphere

3. You can sort in images such as icons.

4. You can download expansion plan or equirectangular projection texture images made from your own source.

How/When can we use BEAGLOBE ?

1. Beach ball or paper balloons' paper patterns or block copy can be easily made by printing out sphere's expansion plan made by BEAGLOBE.
(BEAGLOBE uses interrupted normal polyconic projection, which is an expansion plan suitable for beach balls and paper balloons)

2. Images made by BEAGLOBE can be directly used in general 3D software as a primitive sphere texture.

3. BEAGLOBE is a tool for designing/illustrating spherical shape.

Please try using BEAGLOBE here.

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